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Put down the Xbox controller, pick up a d20 and Roll Something! This is a D&D live play podcast where I will also have D&D 5th edition discussion.

June 17, 2017

Ep. 1 - ROLL SOMETHING! Are 5e wizards overpowered?!

HELLO! Welcome to episode one of ROLL SOMTHING! This is a Dungeons & Dragons discussion (argument) where we talk D&D rules and personal opinions... In this episode we talk about the 5e wizard class and discuss if its overpowered.

Sidenote-- this is a re release, I have decided to cut the live plays out of the podcast, but fear not. Roll Something will soon be releasing raw unedited (this mean vulgar) live plays of Prince of the Apocalypse on YouTube, also I plan to start a live play of Out of the Abyss on twitch soon. twitch.tv/rollsomething

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